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Victoria Sponge

This victoria sponge recipe is adapted from a Martha Stewart strawberry shortcake recipe, but since I spread some jam between the layers I thought a Victoria Sponge was a more befitting name. It’s no ordinary victoria sponge- instead of light and fluffy sponge or chiffon cakes for the cake layers, this one is a marzipan-cornmeal pound cake. It isn’t very heavy and dense though, it’s still pretty fluffy and the almond flavour is so addictive and pairs very well with the jam. Atop the slick of jam on the cake is a generous layer of mascarpone cream, a cool and neutral flavour to tame down the sweetness of the cake. I topped the cakes with the tiniest and cutest English strawberries- instant kitschy cute. Almost unbearably cute..

Milk Chocolate Cream Scones

I love carrots. I love baby sized cakes. These carrot baby cakes made me want to cry tears of joy. I used this Bon App√©tit recipe, it’s super yummy! Soft, moist, warmly spiced, and perfectly carrot cake-y. The only thing I did differently was I omitted those pesky raisins and nuts.. I like my carrot cakes completely soft and pillow-like. I did add some dried cranberries and toasted coconut on top for crunch though, I just don’t like the crunch being in the cake. I also scaled down the frosting recipe by to a third and replaced the vanilla extract with 1/2 a vanilla bean, and thinned it down with single cream because I wanted the frosting runny enough to drip down the sides temptingly, lusciously,¬†irresistibly..

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Green Tea Gateau + Fresh Blueberries and Cream

I did a short internship at Lanka last summer for two months, and whilst I was there I made this cake many, many times! Lanka, being a Japanese-run bakery, had plenty of yummy French pastries and cakes in distinctively Japanese flavours and styles. This cake was one of the most popular cakes and rightly so! It has a biscuit crust under a dense, almond-y, and bittersweet green tea flavoured cake. I made one for my godmum’s birthday last Sunday, and had extra batter so I made a tiny 13cm cake for myself! At Lanka, it’s served as it is, but I thought it would be nice with a light fluffy layer of unsweetened double cream and dotted with some fresh blueberries and white chocolate shavings for a burst of sweetness and tartness to contrast the bitterness of the green tea.