I love making croquembouches, I think they’re so much more special than the usual cake for celebrations and parties. So I’m trying to spread the awesomeness of croquembouches!

I made the croquembouche in the picture above for an engagement party last September. It was made with 150 (!!) puffs filled with vanilla bean pastry cream and assembled with caramel, then decorated with spun sugar, candied rose petals and spun sugar. It came up to 12″ at the base and 1.6ft tall, and it took me an entire weekend to make!

I take smaller orders for them too though, because I’m sure none of you would need such a huge one and because it’s super cute small.

Minimum of 15 puffs, at £1.40/puff, and this includes decorations. Usually, 1 serving is 3 puffs per person. 

Decorations, colour scheme, and pastry cream flavour can be personalised.

Pick-up only

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