Little matcha cheesecake {un petit gateau de fromage au matcha}

My mum crocheted this pretty doily for me- thanks mum!



I’ve been studying French since January, in anticipation of my future travels (or perhaps a short stay?) to Paris, so to stay motivated and to improve my grasp of the language, I’m going to blog a few short sentences in French, and hopefully will be able to write full paragraphs soon. So here goes! I’ll start with the famous French dessert, moelleux au chocolat. 

Bien que je n’aime pas mange les desserts au chocolat, je suis complètement obsédée par ce moelleux au chocolat avec coeur de thé matcha. Le recette est de mon école, LCB, mais j’ai fait une modification- le coeur de thé matcha. C’est juste chocolat blanc et poudre de thé matcha. 

“Although I don’t like chocolate desserts, I’m obsessed with this chocolate fondant with a matcha centre. The base recipe is from LCB, but I’ve made one modification- the matcha heart, which is just white chocolate and matcha powder.”

We made plated desserts in class this week, and one of the desserts was chocolate fondants. Because the fondants had to be baked à la minute we only made 2 each in class and took the rest of the batter home. I wasn’t quite pleased with the chocolate fondants on it’s own, so I made little matcha centres which I popped into the middle of the batter then baked.. it was DELICIOUS. Ooey, gooey, warm and sticky, and the tops crinkly and shiny like a good brownie. Oh, yes.

I suppose you could use any chocolate fondant recipe and insert a matcha heart in the middle; I made the matcha middles quite simply: I melted some white chocolate, stirred in some matcha powder then piped them in small silicone moulds and refrigerated them until they hardened. If you don’t have silicone moulds, just pour it into a small cake tin and cut them into pieces once chilled. When I was about to bake the cake, I just piped the fondant batter halfway up the moulds, pressed a matcha centre into the middle then piped more batter on top, then baked them off.

C’est tout! Miam!


Cloud doughnuts







Surfing, eating, walking, eating, napping– life is good.

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Be right back


I’m in Devon!

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Roasted Rhubarb!

I wish I knew more ways to eat roasted rhubarb.. I like to just stab them with a fork straight from the jar and pop them in my mouth, or have them with yoghurt, but it’s getting kinda boring. But I imagine the rhubarb syrup would make a pretty amazing cocktail! Rhubarb season, please don’t end! I used the recipe I learnt from Violet when I was working there, it’s really good- the recipe is in this book. I still have half a jar left.. what should I do with them?


My sweet, generous boyfriend got me an instax mini!  Here are a couple of pics I’ve taken with it, except for the 4th photo which is from my iphone.

24/03/12: This is him! He’s cute.

20/05/12: This is my sister! She’s kinda weird. And my mum is behind her. We’re in Richmond, which is very, very pretty. We’re visiting Petersham Nurseries, which is so dang cute, I really recommend paying it a visit at least once! It’s not hard to get to, just take the tube to Richmond, the nursery is just a 25 (ish) minute walk from the station, and it’s a really pleasant walk along the Thames river then across a field.

20/05/12: We’re eating an expensive slice of orange-almond cake. It’s super moist and pretty yummy, but I’d preferred it if it was more sour. I regret not taking any photos of the cake shop! It was really rustic and pretty.

23/05/12: The cakes that I sold today! 2 6″ cakes, red velvet and chocolate peanut butter and a heart-shaped red velvet cake. I’m starting to like the un-frosted sides a lot more, they are much prettier and it shows off the fluffiness and moistness of the cake layers.. it looks so much more tempting and delicious! Also, I think 5″ and 6″ cakes are my favourites, they’re such a cute size and look the most well-proportioned when stacked and frosted.

23/05/12 : I skipped class and had coffee with my mum at the newly opened Bloombsury Cafe. She had a latte, I didn’t have anything as I just had lunch with Flora at Ian. I would’ve had cake but they didn’t look quite appealing, they were rather.. insipid. Disappointed, we went to our usual cafe on Marchmont St, Fork, and had a slice of carrot cake.

Milk Chocolate Cream Scones

I love carrots. I love baby sized cakes. These carrot baby cakes made me want to cry tears of joy. I used this Bon Appétit recipe, it’s super yummy! Soft, moist, warmly spiced, and perfectly carrot cake-y. The only thing I did differently was I omitted those pesky raisins and nuts.. I like my carrot cakes completely soft and pillow-like. I did add some dried cranberries and toasted coconut on top for crunch though, I just don’t like the crunch being in the cake. I also scaled down the frosting recipe by to a third and replaced the vanilla extract with 1/2 a vanilla bean, and thinned it down with single cream because I wanted the frosting runny enough to drip down the sides temptingly, lusciously, irresistibly..

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Flourless Chocolate Cake

I’m not a big chocolate person so I can’t really judge how good a chocolate cake is. But that being said, I do quite like this flourless chocolate cake from the Bourke Street Bakery cookbook with berries and cream. I brought one for dessert to my friend Ian’s house when he cooked us a truly glorious Italian meal, and we had it with raspberries and blackberries and a big scoop of clotted cream ice-cream  It’s quite dense and very rich so a teensy slice is enough, and the cream and berries are so necessary. It’s truly a big pain to make though- I used every single bowl I own and several pots to make it! The eggs need to be whipped with sugar, chocolate melted over a bain marie, yoghurt and milk boiled in a small pan, a meringue needs to be made, AND cream had to be whipped.. argh.

However, I’m not quite happy enough with this recipe though, I think I’ll try River Cafe’s Nemesis cake next. The recipe is similar to this cake which is really good but.. somehow not what I’m looking for when I think of a flourless chocolate cake. It’s a super fudgy dense cake, like a chocolate fondant, but what I want looks exactly like this Bourke St one, lopsided and rustic with a sunken middle, but squidgier and mousse-ier instead of dense.. if you know what I mean? A simple solution would be to slightly underbake this but it kinda seems like cheating.. I think maybe I’ll try cooking it in a waterbath. But wrapping a loose bottom tin with a double layer of aluminium foil is a real bitch and water always leaks into it no matter how careful I am. Perhaps the problem with a flourless chocolate cake is the fact that it’s flourless..? Or perhaps it’s just my lack of enthusiasm for chocolate..