Roasted Greengages

It’s exciting how the seasons change what we eat. It feels so much more special eating fruit that comes with the season- berries in summer, plums in autumn, citrus in winter.. it’s like everything has its time and place and its turn in the spotlight. I get so excited when I visit the fruit shop and see different fruit on display as the season progresses from one to another. These greengages were bought in late summer, and are mouth-puckeringly tart- in the best way possible. Too sour to be eaten as is, I roasted them with a vanilla bean, sugar and lemon zest. Don’t skimp on the sugar as stone fruit actually gets more sour after roasting, unlike other fruit which gets syrupy sweet. I ate them with oatmeal, but I think it will be lovely tucked into a muffin batter or with greek yoghurt, honey and muesli.. mm.

You don’t really need a recipe for this, just taste and adjust as you go. I suggest at least half a cup of sugar (100g) of sugar per 500g of fruit though, as it does get quite sour! Bake at 2o0C for about 30-40 minutes, but this time is just a guidance, and it varies considerably from oven to oven, and depending on your roasting dish.