Green Tea Gateau + Fresh Blueberries and Cream

I did a short internship at Lanka last summer for two months, and whilst I was there I made this cake many, many times! Lanka, being a Japanese-run bakery, had plenty of yummy French pastries and cakes in distinctively Japanese flavours and styles. This cake was one of the most popular cakes and rightly so! It has a biscuit crust under a dense, almond-y, and bittersweet green tea flavoured cake. I made one for my godmum’s birthday last Sunday, and had extra batter so I made a tiny 13cm cake for myself! At Lanka, it’s served as it is, but I thought it would be nice with a light fluffy layer of unsweetened double cream and dotted with some fresh blueberries and white chocolate shavings for a burst of sweetness and tartness to contrast the bitterness of the green tea.

{this beautiful plate is from the super talented Nikole Herriot}

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4 Responses to Green Tea Gateau + Fresh Blueberries and Cream

  1. Karlotta says:

    Goodness, I need to make this. Where is the recipe?

    • Jaslyn says:

      I’m afraid I can’t give the recipe for this as it’s the recipe from where I used to work at. Sorry!

  2. rachel says:

    That looks really good! Love how green it looks. Can only imagine how it’ll taste (:


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