Chocolate & Lemon-Vanilla Bean Sablé

I’ve been reading quite a lot of Japanese recipe websites, blogs and books lately, and have been obsessed with their perfect pastries and cakes. They always look like how they should! I’ve come to realise that they are very fond of making sablés, a French biscuit which are sandy and light and melts in your mouth. Inspired, I made lemon-vanilla and chocolate ones. I had quite high hopes for the chocolate sablés since they’re a Pierre Hermé recipe, but I found them really underwhelming. The texture was perfect, light and tender, but it tasted almost like nothing at all. Which isn’t very surprising considering the tiny amount of sugar and cocoa powder in it. Hmm.. well it could just be me, though. The lemon zest and vanilla one were better, but still.. slightly boring. I guess I like my desserts not so dainty and delicate haha. Anyway, isn’t this a bit of a fail of a blog post?


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  1. Your photos are gorgeous, but I agree with you, I like my cookies to have lots of flavor. I make similar style cookies a lot, but I call them shortbread. I made really intense chocolate ones over the holidays using extra dark cocoa powder and chocolate. I’ll have to try the lemon and vanilla bean, they are two of my all time favorite flavors!

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