Cloud doughnuts

There’s just something so lovable and naughty about doughnuts, so cute and puffy and sugary. And when they’re shaped like clouds? I’m a bit of a goner.

The ideal doughnut, to me, is one that is not too light, something fluffy but still with a bit of a chew. A beautiful, crackly crust dusted with caster sugar (powdered sugar is pretty, but lacks the crunch of caster sugar) or, depending on my mood, a thin layer of glaze. I once saw a beautiful photo of a raspberry doughnut covered with a speckled, pale red raspberry glaze, and the image has been stuck in my head since. It wasn’t one of those bright coloured artificial looking doughnut- it looked natural and rustic and absolutely irresistable. But most times, I prefer my doughnut plain, with just a sugary coat.

The recipe I used, is once again, my go-to bread recipe. The only thing that has to be done differently is instead of shaping the dough into a loaf, it is rolled out about 1.5 cm thick, then cut out into doughnut shapes using 2 different sized round cookie cutters, or, shapes of any kind with any cookie cutter. Fry them in oil that’s 375F- this is important as it is hot enough to fully cook the doughnut without it sitting in the oil for too long, and not too hot as to burn the outsides before it is cooked in the middle.

Oh, and if you’re ever in KL, the best doughnut you will ever eat (seriously) is from a doughnut truck in Taman Tun.

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One Response to Cloud doughnuts

  1. Janine says:

    gosh the cloud shaped ones really look so ethereal and yummy! love the dust of icing sugar on the clouds too!


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